Saturday, 27 November 2010

Goa Lawah BALI

Bali is a tourist attraction is located off the coast with stunning sea and Nusa Penida island in the distance and the arrangement of beautiful beaches and beautiful. In this bali tourism object we can see a temple called the temple cave Lawah where we also can see the bats. Goa Lawah itself comes from two syllables of the cave, which means cave and Lawah which means bat. bali tourist attraction of this you also can continue the journey to the Pura Besakih.

Art Centre Bali

Bali cultural park Bali or art center founded by the first governor of Bali is a nice mantra Ida. He is very concerned with cultural values, especially east of Balinese culture. To keep the Balinese culture alive, he was willing to sacrifice his private lands as a center of art which we are familiar with the Art Centre Bali

The composition of the complexes that exist in Bali art center is

1. Sacred Complex includes Pura Beji Park, Selonding Bale, Bale Pepaosan, etc..

2. The complex includes the Library Widya Kusuma quiet place where it is stored books on the history of bali

3. The complex includes a half crowded Mahudara Exhibition Hall, Building Crafts, Sculpture Studio, House of Art and Wantilan this place is the hall where the exhibition of art bali

4. The complex includes lively Open Stage Ardha Candra and Stage closed Ksirarnawa (both located in the South River)

If you travel to Bali, why not visit Bali tourist attraction on this one and if there is a chance came in the month of june-july because every year at the feast of art glass, Bali where we can see the staging of a month-long art Bali